Wedding Ceremony events

  1. Wedding Ceremony only events can take place between 10 am – 1 pm.
  2. The Ceremony is held, depending on the weather conditions, on our spectacular ceremony terrace on the roof of the wedding hall, facing the Caldera cliffs and the Volcano. In case the weather does not permit weddings to take place at the rooftop terrace, the ceremony would take place on our cocktail terrace.
  3. Capacity: 100 seated guests.
  4. Included: wedding gazebo with veil, sound system, chiavari chairs.
  5. Decorations, photographers, wedding cakes etc have to be arranged through your wedding planner.
  6. Rental Duration: 2 hours.

Wedding ceremonies & Reception events

  1. Ceremony and reception events take place from 4 pm to 1 am. 4 pm is the guest arrival time.
  2. Capacity: 150 seated guests.
  3. Our menus will be provided by us through an affiliated catering company only.
  4. For ceremony and reception events the open bar drinks packages are mandatory for all guests.
  5. Rental Duration: 9 hours – 4 pm until 1 am. The guest arrival time is 4 pm (not the ceremony start time), music stops at 00:45 am and the venue closes at 1 am. Regarding music, kindly be advised that music is played on the ceremony terrace only during the 2 hours of the ceremony. Music is not allowed at the venue from 3 pm to 5 pm. From 5 pm to 11 pm music is played at 60 dB. From 11 pm to 00:45 am music is lowered. Live music is allowed on the ceremony terrace only during the 2 hours of the ceremony time. At 00:45 am the music stops.
  6. We could suggest to you a DJ to book or you can bring your own DJ. In case you bring your own DJ, the DJ would need to follow our policies on noise levels and would need to bring any additional equipment needed to play through our sound system.
  7. Closing time: 1 am.